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Manual Do-follow Blogs commenting is undoubtedly the most effective and reliable link building strategy in the SEO world today. It helps your website enjoy the tops ranks in the major search engines in the world and therefore increase its visibility. As a result, you enjoy more traffic to your website. We make sure that your comments are posted in various blogs and not in just a few. We also make sure that only the approved comments are publically visible to the search engines for effective tracking and indexing. We provide 100% manual blog commenting services so you do not have to be bothered about any type of spam and moderator approval. You get a detailed report from us highlighting PR details and location to the directories where your anchor text links are submitted.

What Do You Get!!

All Do-Follow links
Only Hand-made comments
Fast TAT
Actual PR Page
More Unique domains
Average OBL’s
No Spammy Pages
No Porno or Gambling domains

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